Surgeon Simulator 2 Is Free For Medical Personnel Involved In Britain’s NHS

Surgeon Simulator 2 Is Free For Medical Personnel Involved In Britain’s NHS
Credit: Surgeon Simulator via Youtube

There are so many that dedicate their lives to helping those in need medically. From nurses to doctors, those that work in the medical industry sacrifice so much.

It’s only right that they receive the recognition they deserve every now and then. It looks like they’re getting some more love in the form of video games as it was just announced that Surgeon Simulator 2 is completely free to medical personnel that are involved in Britain’s NHS (National Health Service).

Bossa Studios — the game’s developer — made this announcement just recently. If this applies to you, all that’s required is proof of an NHS email address and a PC. You can then head on over to the convenient download link.

Any time the medical industry is spotlighted and rewarded, that’s a cause for celebration. What better way to help physicians affiliated with NHS relax after a hard day’s work than playing a game about surrealistic surgery simulation.

It may not be the type of scenarios that they come across in their day to day routines, but that’s the point. Surgeon Simulator 2 is a hilarious take on the surgical field and is littered with insane physics and humorous elements.

If you take Bossa Studios up on this free offering, you’ll get to enjoy a story mode, co-op play, and a bevy of surgical tools. From hammers to scalpels, there isn’t a limit on what you can use to save the lives of innocent patients.

What often starts out as a routine procedure quickly spirals out of control. You may slip a bit and cut in an area that you didn’t intend to or go as far as ripping the patient’s head off. These sequences may sound graphic, but the developer has done a great job at infusing a lot of humor throughout gameplay.

Even if you’ve never had the chance to play the original, you can still pick up the sequel and start having a good time in surgery.

And for those that aren’t affiliated to NHS, don’t worry. Surgery Simulator 2 is still decently priced and certainly worth adding to your collection. There are endless surgery scenarios to keep your attention, whether you’re conducting brain surgery or working on a joint.

Whatever your tasks are for the day, you can carry surgery out however you please. It’s a simulation sandbox experience that never takes its foot off the fun brake pedal. Now’s a great time to see what you’ve missed in operating rooms with limitless possibilities.