2020 World Championship – North America Secures First Win In Group Stages As FlyQuest Takes On Unicorns Of Love

2020 World Championship – North America Secures First Win In Group Stages As FlyQuest Takes On Unicorns Of Love
Credit: LoL Esports VODs and Highlights

The North American fans knew that their region is in a dry spell in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, and a win can ignite the whole fandom again. It may not be the prettiest game, but FlyQuest gave exactly what was ordered for NA as they defeat Unicorns of Love. They have now improved to 1-1 in their group thanks to their star mid laner.

The game was all over the place from both teams, with skirmishes and solo kills happening throughout the map. It was one of the messiest in all of Worlds history. FlyQuest’s exclamation mark happened after a teamfight win around the dragon pit and sent the NA region back into competition.

For the victors, the game plan was simple: work together to enable mid laner PowerOfEvil on his perfected Syndra. This had become pretty obvious when jungler Santorin picked a tank champion, Volibear. Moreover, the NA fans cheering for their home team sparked a new hope when opponent Nomanz was on Orianna duty.

Europe’s Unicorns of Love did their best to dispel the aggression happening in the middle lane, but Santorin had a field day with three ganks relatively early in the match. Counterpart middle, Nomanz, exerted his best efforts to hold off his own, but FlyQuest’s strategy was implemented with precision. On other parts of the map, Unicorns are performing better. AHaHaCIK, UOL’s jungler, forced Solo to flee every time he comes around after he continuously ganked the FlyQuest player.

The team fights were traded by both teams, as they retreat bloodied and scraped. Most of these fights did not even have a clear winner as the match progress to be scrappy by the players. The two opposing sides also steal objectives from each other through the series.

But once again, PowerOfEvil’s Syndra crashes their foes’ chances at winning as he portrays mastery of the champion. His map and zone control are top-tier, as well as his kill shot and positioning. In the latter stages of the match, the 22-year old placed his Spheres carefully so one misstep by UOL would be a one-shot gank. He did not only carried and gave his team their first win in the 2020 World Championship, but he also reunited the 0-4 North America.

Analysts are contemplating where NA is in the map of LoL. Though FlyQuest won, it was numerous undisciplined fights and scrappiness against Europe’s wildcard team. After three days of Worlds, it became apparent that the region has a ton of improvements to work with as little time as possible.