The Creatives At Bossa Studios Are Working On A Pigeon Simulator; Unveiled An Official Announcement Trailer

The Creatives At Bossa Studios Are Working On A Pigeon Simulator; Unveiled An Official Announcement Trailer
Credit: Bossa Studios via YouTube

Simulator games are an interesting genre. They depict something that would normally be considered pretty ordinary. We’ve seen Farming Simulator have success with this recipe, depicting realistic tractors and cultivation techniques. Then there are those games that take this simulating design and flip it on its head.

That’s what happened with Goat Simulator, a game developed by the creative team at Bossa Studios. It featured an insane premise: Go around as a goat and cause mayhem around an open-world environment. Yet, the game was met with a lot of positive feedback. It was one of those titles that you could just pick up and play mindlessly.

Well, since this game was so successful out of the gate, Bossa Studios is planning to do the same thing with pigeons. That’s right. Their latest title is called — as you might expect — Pigeon Simulator. Instead of experiencing life as a goat, you get to go around as a pigeon. Yes, on the surface, this seems pretty mundane. How could life as a bird be fun and exciting?

Bossa Studios appears to have an answer. They’re letting you unleash your bird fury. As a pigeon in this game, you’ll be able to do so many wonderful things. These tasks include pooping on nearby humans, picking at them with your beak, and even picking them up and dropping them. Already, life as a pigeon seems like an insanely fun time.

To promote this upcoming simulator, an official trailer announcement was just revealed. We see pigeons flying all over the place. One even picks up a skateboard and flings it at a business professional. It appears you will indeed be able to kill any human you want if you so choose.

We also see birds flying through windows, unloading their droppings all over the place, and coming together to blow up a vehicle. There seems to be no limits to what you can do as a pigeon. If Bossa Studios makes this game half as fun as Goat Simulator, they should have a pretty amazing game on their hands.

You don’t have to know much about gaming to have fun with this title either. The controls don’t look too advanced and it seems you’re just looking to do some fun things in the open sandbox. There is no official release for the game, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it come out before the end of the year.