As The Midsummer Fire Festival Comes To An End World Of Warcraft Gets Ready For The Fireworks Spectacular

As The Midsummer Fire Festival Comes To An End World Of Warcraft Gets Ready For The Fireworks Spectacular
Credit: Hazelnuttygames via YouTube

The popular game, World of Warcraft has been a large part of the gaming world for over 10 years and has become a staple in millions of households worldwide. World of Warcraft in-game content keeps players immersed in the in-game world of Azeroth and excited to participate in quests and events that take place within the World of Warcraft.

One event that takes place each year in World of Warcraft is the Midsummer Fire Festival, which runs from June 21st through July 5th in celebration of the hottest part of the year.

Once the Midsummer Fire Festival ends, in fact on the very same evening that the festival ends, the World of Warcraft Fireworks Spectacular will begin. The fireworks for this event will be visible from the docks of Booty Bay. The firework shows will go on every hour for the rest of the evening after the Midsummer Fire Festival ends.

The Fireworks Spectacular is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean players have to miss out on any of the Midsummer Fire Festival activities if they haven’t gotten a chance to enjoy them yet, or if they just want to enjoy more of them. There are plenty of events and festivities taking place while the festival is still going on.

World of Warcraft players can participate in activities such a torch throwing.

There are bonfires lit throughout Azeroth and players will be able to visit these fires to enjoy them, or to destroy them. Whichever the player decides to do they will still have the opportunity to collect burning blossoms by visiting these bonfires and will be able to trade the blossoms for unique items.

If a player completes all of the holiday achievements by the end of the Midsummer Fire Festival, they will be eligible to receive a faction specific player title starting with either Flame Keeper or Flame Warden.

The Midsummer Fire Festival celebration is in reference to the actual midsummer celebrations that occur during the time of the summer solstice in real life. So, go forth and visit some of those bonfires that only happen once a year in Azeroth and collect some burning blossoms.

Whatever you do though, don’t forget to get on down to the docks of Booty Bay at some point in the evening after the Midsummer Fire Festival celebrations come to a close to see the truly mesmerizing event that is the World of Warcraft Fireworks Spectacular.