Suikoden Developers Talk About The Future Of Konami’s Beloved RPG After Its Long-Awaited Return At The Tokyo Game Show

Suikoden Developers Talk About The Future Of Konami’s Beloved RPG After Its Long-Awaited Return At The Tokyo Game Show

Suikoden I and II HD Remasters will be officially shown at the Tokyo Game Show in 2022. The developers of Konami‘s popular role-playing game have expressed their desire to continue the franchise.

Suikoden was a noteworthy JRPG that began during the genre’s golden period in the mid-1990s and has not received a proper mainline entry since 2006’s Suikoden V. After the unexpected reappearance of GetsuFumaDen, fans speculated significantly that other Konami games, such as Suikoden, will also return.

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Suikoden was released in 1995 while the JRPG market was growing. Suikoden has excellent 2D sprite animation and a six-person battle team, albeit it was not a technological marvel like 1997’s Final Fantasy VII.

Suikoden also greatly encouraged role-playing and character interaction since players may enlist up to sixty playable party members in addition to non-battle assisting NPCs.Suikoden II, released in 1998, was first regarded as underwhelming, but it garnered a significant cult following and is now considered one of the best games in the series. At the 2022 Tokyo Game Show, Konami officially confirmed the comeback of its famous RPG with the Suikoden I and II HD Remaster for 2023.

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Suikoden devs Yasuo Daikai and Takahiro Sakiyama recently spoke with IGN about the Suikoden I and II HD Remaster at the 2022 Tokyo Games Show. IGN asked Daiki early in the conversation if fans may expect more Suikoden games in the future, and Daiki said he would be pleased to oblige if given a chance. I can’t say anything particularly right now, but we didn’t want to end with simply the remaster,” Daikai explained.

So, sure, I would like to continue developing Suikoden games in the future. So we hope that all of our fans will root for us and support us and that we can deliver on those promises so that you may enjoy them. Daikai and Sakiyama would go over many of the game’s changes, specifically how to fix problems caused by Suikoden’s infamous localization and translation issues.