Steelseries Updates The Iconic Sensei Ten Gaming Mouse, And It’s Already Out In The Market

Steelseries Updates The Iconic Sensei Ten Gaming Mouse, And It’s Already Out In The Market
Credit: SteelSeries via YouTube

PC gaming connoisseurs might not have heard of the SteelSeries brand, but the company creates some of the best-in-line peripherals, including gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and other gadgets. Just recently, SteelSeries released an updated version of its metal-coated gaming mouse, the Sensei Ten.

Designed from the concepts of Japanese and Chinese traditions, the Sensei Ten gaming mouse offers reliable performance. Its agility comes from the gaming mice having an ambidextrous design. Unlike other richly-featured and flashy gaming mice from different brands, this one offers to do every job just right.

SteelSeries understands the popularity of Sensei among its followers and has chosen to upgrade the mouse with better functionality. Sensei Ten, though, preserves most of its features, including its core capability and overall design. What’s new about the gaming mouse is its longer-lasting switches, the upgraded color schemes, and better tracking.

The peripheral maker also deviated from doing a complete overhaul, unlike the previous Sensei 310 upgrade. Sensei Ten now features improved TrueMove Pro sensors offering a good tracking on any type of surface.

The new feature is designed by PixArt and SteelSeries, offering gamers with real 1-to-1 tracking. It has an 18,000 CPI capacity and 450 IPS of tracking speed. The new and improved Sensei Ten also has an advanced stabilization tilt tracking for intense gameplay.
Mice Product Manager Brian Luu says that although the original Sensei design was one of the most love mice in PC gaming history, the company is devoted to bringing the authentic feel and shape with the upgrade.

The executive was also in-all-praise for the SteelSeries designer and engineering team for delivering a new product but incorporating the original feel and design that was loved by many. The new 2019 Sensei Ten gaming peripheral includes a consistent and guaranteed click for up to 60 million, a hyper-durable built to withstand everyday use and an advanced tracking for stable maneuvers.

SteelSeries also collaborated with PixArt in designing the sensors. The new Sensei Ten offers the best tracking on any surface. Its iconic shape still stands out, and its ambidextrous functionality is something every gamer completely adores.

On top of that, the Sensei Ten is now esports-ready, designed with the TrueMove Pro feature to give every gamer the power behind every gameplay. It is responsive with a tracking speed that competes with some of the most expensive gaming mice available.

The Sensei Ten Gaming Mouse is now available at S70 on the SteelSeries website.