New PS5 Leak Expose The Addition Of Next-Gen Streaming, Built-In Camera, And The Prospero Codename

New PS5 Leak Expose The Addition Of Next-Gen Streaming, Built-In Camera, And The Prospero Codename
Credit: Mystic via YouTube

With the PlayStation 5 nearing its release, we can’t help but pick up bits and pieces of information about the next-gen console. While news about Sony filing a patent for its holographic 3D display screen is accurate, there now appear new details to the highly-anticipated gaming console.

The news was first revealed by Gizmodo, detailing some of the technicalities to the new PS5. Apparently, PS5 has been given the codename, “Prospero,” and will be equipped with a next-gen streaming service. Also, the console will have a built-in camera specially made for online live-streaming.

The new leaks came from an anonymous tipster who also claims active participation in the development and design of the next-gen console and the upcoming Xbox Project Scarlett. The tipster also confirms the addition of the built-in camera, which has a 4K resolution capacity and reacts to in-game lighting. The camera also has an intelligent setting adjustment, which accordingly fine-tunes itself.

The automatic camera adjustments will result in a dedicated and quality streaming platform all brought by the next-gen console. This feature is highly suitable for game streamers who need to get better lighting and quality resolution to their broadcasts.

The PS5 will also feature Mixer and Twitch connectivity, which has been present with the Xbox One and PS4. Though they are not as intuitive as a PC set up, the latest leaks suggest that Sony will be changing this with the new PS5.

Earlier reports from data miner, APISAK, disclosed that PS5 will have a custom AMD CPU, which was codenamed “Gonzalo.” This and the code, Ariel, are the ones given to the processors taken from the characters of The Tempest.

With all the leaks and news coming from all ends of the gaming world, we can expect to hear more as the consoles near their release. We have been given a leaked photograph of the possible eccentric look of the new PlayStation console. However, the leaked picture was only a dev kit, so it’s likely that the market product would have a different design.

Despite having a dash of reality to the recent leaks, likely, there won’t be any official confirmation from Sony anytime soon. Project Scarlett or the PS5 are bound for release last quarter of next year. Though the PS5 has been confirmed for launch during the Holiday Season.