Atari VCS Expected To Revive Retro Gaming With Thousands Of Titles Using An Onboard Streaming Service

Atari VCS Expected To Revive Retro Gaming With Thousands Of Titles Using An Onboard Streaming Service
Credit: Atari VCS via YouTube

Everyone who’s desired to play their favorite classic games will now be able to with the new concept from Atari VCS. Announced in 2017, the Atari VCS did not have a clear direction on what the console was for or what it was trying to achieve. However, its partnership with Antstream Arcade has made it clear that the gaming provider is trying to revive the classics and retro games in particular.

The collaboration is expected to invigorate over 2,000+ licensed official games and will feature a considerable collection of on-demand Atari games. As reported, each of the titles will be available both in its original version and enhanced formatting editions. This is akin to what Nintendo Switch Online has been offering in the past few months.

During its launch though, over 50 retro Atari games will be available on the Antstream Arcade. Atari has already made a promise of adding a continues stream of classic games. Each game can be played with the Atari VCS Classic Joystick and its redesigned Modern Controller. Player’s, therefore, have the option of using whichever gaming accessory they prefer.

The retro gaming console has been experiencing setbacks with its release date because of slight specification changes. However, the new Atari VCS has already been slated for release on March 2020. And if everything goes according to plan, the Anstream Arcade can be accessed via the dashboard app of the Atari VSC system.

It is also worth mentioning that Anstream Arcade also offers cross-platform accessibility. So this means, players can access their games on their consoles, tablets, phones, and various devices. Theoretically speaking, this would bolster the Atari VCS success as users can access their games from anywhere.

It will also be a winning situation for the retro console as their growing catalog will keep gamers glued and interested.

Under the hood, the Atari VCS makes the cut from other retro consoles because of its hardware. VCS will sport the latest AMD Ryzen chip partnered with Radeon graphics. It will also be wearing some of the latest amenities, including a USB 3.0 connection port, HDMI, Bluetooth-enable, an Ethernet, and WiFi capabilities.

The Atari VCS will not only be capable of playing retro games, but it can also run modern games with its HDR and its 4K output capacity. This means streaming a 4K game at 60fps is not impossible with the console.

Additionally, VCS will have a 4GB or an 8GB DDR4 RAM capacity and a 32GB onboard storage.