Facebook Holds Oculus Connect 6 Event, Shows off New VR to Compete with Samsung’s Gear VR

Facebook Holds Oculus Connect 6 Event, Shows off New VR to Compete with Samsung’s Gear VR
Credit: Oculus via YouTube

While the VR technology is still in its early development, many industry giants including Samsung and Facebook are trying the heels in leading the pack. This week though, Facebook held its showcase event, the Oculus Connect 6.

The said event focused on the newest virtual reality developments in the face of the Oculus Quest. Much of the topics discussed surrounded the conceptualization of the VR system, including the possible future changes in its hardware and software technologies.

The Oculus Connect 6 Event also touched on impending VR developer concerns. Participants were given overwhelming amounts of information regarding the new Oculus Quest. This was enough to encourage good participation from exiting VR users and prospective enthusiasts.

During the event, the most significant announcements focused on the upcoming features of Oculus. Most of the topics delved into the current hardware and the possible upgrades the VR might possibly have in the coming future.

One clear message that stood out during the forum was that Facebook is bent on improving the VR experience, surpassing the existing VR technologies we have today. Also, Facebook is developing the new VR headset compatible with most VR-enabled gadgets. This would eliminate the need for getting a new system for every apparatus you have.

Some new and exciting titles are coming in the next couple of months to match the industry’s need for virtual reality games. This includes the upcoming episodes from games like Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond and Vader Immortal.

The social media giant is also expected to release a social experience, a virtual exploration world for social competitions, games, and other activities. The VR-enabled environment allows users to create unique environments akin to the second life. Facebook Horizon is already planned for release next year.

John Carmack, Oculus Quest’s Chief Technology Officer, mentioned the importance of the VR gadget to the company. During his Day 2 Keynote presentation, he explained that the VR headset is the company’s staunch contribution to the tech industry. Its Facebook’s take on reducing the tractions brought to every user’s experience when they are trying to penetrate the virtual reality world.

As Facebook’s take on VR technology nears its launching date, many critics can’t help but compare them with Samsung’s Gear VR. Samsung’s entry-level VR headset is restricted with the power it gets from Samsung smartphones, something that Oculus Quest tries to mitigate by being a stand-alone VR headset.