In Anticipation For The Upcoming PS5 Release Sony Cuts Middlemen, Directly Offers Games And Hardware

In Anticipation For The Upcoming PS5 Release Sony Cuts Middlemen, Directly Offers Games And Hardware
Credit: PlayStationGrenade via YouTube

The much-anticipated release of PlayStation 5 has implications for retailers as Sony decides to cut out middlemen with the launch of their online store. The console manufacturer has recently broadcasted their website, offering PlayStation games, hardware, and more. Simply, PlayStation owners won’t have to go to third-party sellers when looking for hardware replacements or games.

Sony’s new storefront lists a range of console products and bundles from their PS4, PS4 Pro, and the PS VR systems. This includes accessories, the DualShock 4 Wireless Controllers, headsets, PS Plus vouchers, and premium game copies.

Though there is limited selection as of writing, Sony promises to expand their listing to available game titles, accessories, and various PlayStation components as they come. This move may be affecting third-party retailers, but it is a smart move on Sony’s part.

Considering that many tech companies and game service providers are moving to in-house transitions, making their products and components exclusive will help improve business. It can also be advantageous to customers as they will not have to look for resellers.

Also, among the advantages of having your console components and games purchased from the company itself are the generous discounts and seasonal deals. The website went live just a few days ago, and this seems to be a win-win strategy for both gamers and the company itself.

The Japanese console manufacturer seems to coincide their business decisions with the nearing official launch of the PS5. It is the company’s right move to improve its business offerings while eliminating the need for middlemen. The newly launched PlayStation Store is currently offering a time-limited bundle sale which runs until the 31st of October.

People who take advantage of their consoles direct from the PlayStation Store will get a free PS Plus subscription good for 12 months. The PlayStation 4 is currently priced at $399.99, and the PS4 Pro is valued at $429.99. The package already includes the free PS Plus subscription.

It may not be a direct implication, but Sony might also consider limiting the availability of their upcoming PS5 release anywhere. Or they might have the console available through the online store, before releasing them to other online retailers and physical shops.

This proposition may not be impossible as Sony intends to direct business towards PlayStation and away from third-party companies. Sony though, has only rolled out the website in the US, and no further releases have been issued regarding its availability in other regions.