Battlefield V’s New Map, Operation Underground, Is Finally Out And It’s As Crazy As Expected

Battlefield V’s New Map, Operation Underground, Is Finally Out And It’s As Crazy As Expected
Credit: EA via YouTube

Operation Underground, a brand new map for Battlefield V, released today after months of anticipation. Operation Underground is a remake of the fabled Metro map from Battlefield 3, which fans of the franchise may well remember. It’s a gritty map made up of tight spaces and flanking routes.

The head designer of the original map worked with the Battlefield V team to create a map that is both familiar and also unique. Players will instantly recognize the chaotic gameplay underground, even if it seems like your team is constantly throwing themselves down small passages and alleyways.

SMGs and grenades are key, of course, though at some points the game no longer quite feels like a Second World War game. Perhaps its because of the nostalgic map, or its the prevalence of very fast-firing automatic weapons that makes the gameplay feel like any other modern shooter.

However, the map is rendered in DICE’s typically beautiful style. The map is dark, but the lighting is essential, giving the underground tunnels a real atmosphere and presenting a challenge to fight through.

Operation Underground came alongside a press release from DICE stating that they are dedicating to improving Battlefield V over the course of the next year. They made reference to the success of Battlefront II, which recently received a hefty community update.

The map was also a key feature of BFVs 4.6 update. This hefty patch was full of many apparent fixes for bugs, glitches and problems that have been plaguing the Battlefield community for months. Whether or not the patch has made much difference, or, as fans of the franchise often complain about, simply created more problems.

However, private matches were missing from the update, alongside the full confirmation that the competitive 5v5 mode will not be coming to Battlefield V. Private matches, however, will arrive with the next chapter update.

Chapter V brings the Pacific to Battlefield V, as the war moves to terrifying islands, naval warfare and kamikaze pilots. There will be three new Pacific-themed maps and a range of different weapons, gadgets and cosmetic items. America and Japan, of course, will also be featured.

While Operation Underground is another new experience for Battlefield V players, the community is still looking to DICE to keep up the pace and fulfil many of the promises they have made over the last year.