Call Of Duty: Mobile Players Can’t Use Controllers After Latest Update, Leaving Them Confused And Frustrated

Call Of Duty: Mobile Players Can’t Use Controllers After Latest Update, Leaving Them Confused And Frustrated
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

Finally, the Call of Duty franchise is on the mobile platform. It has been a long time coming, really. The prospect of playing against others online on iconic COD stages has had fans salivating. Since its launch, it has had several issues. This is to be expected with any mobile game, really. Developers are on tight deadlines and sometimes push their products out a little ahead of schedule.

That’s not to say Call of Duty: Mobile is a bad game by any means. It has a lot of incredible modes and even a battle royale feature, which fans seem to love. However, there are those who hoped this mobile first-person shooter would support standard console controllers.

Initially, it seemed like that was going to be the case according to Activision. Unfortunately, that feature has noticeably been disabled. It all started when the latest update for Call of Duty: Mobile came out. Sure, it improved a lot of bugs — but for some reason disabled controller support.

Thus, gamers now only have the option of using the touchscreen controls when going out it in intense combat. Not every gamer prefers these controls, unfortunately. They’re less responsive and take quite a bit to get used to — especially those who don’t play mobile games on a regular basis.

The community felt like Activision would realize this error and fix it promptly. They do seem to be aware of the problem. A support representative from Activision took to Twitter to acknowledge the issue. Much to many gamer’s dismay, the representative confirmed that the feature has been taken away.

Now, instead of seeing the controller tab up at the top of the screen, there’s just an other page. It’s a pretty strange choice from Activision, honestly. Being able to use a controller with this mobile COD game had a lot of appeal. It would essentially be like a full-fledged COD experience only with a little less in the graphics and performance department.

Now, users can only use the touch controls. Maybe Activision is wanting to see how the community takes to them before bringing back controller support. Who knows? It would be nice to get clarification from Activision directly, though. There have been a few gaming news companies that have reached out, so we just might get answers here pretty shortly.

Until then, users will just have to stick with the current controls. At least the game is free.