World Of Warcraft Classic Remains Strong As Nostalgia Gets More Players Hooked Into It, Fans Still Feuding Over DM’s Meaning

World Of Warcraft Classic Remains Strong As Nostalgia Gets More Players Hooked Into It, Fans Still Feuding Over DM’s Meaning
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The World of Warcraft Classic has remained strong after more than a month of going live. Nostalgia could have contributed a lot to this positive reception among gamers.

The game appeared to be a downgrade for some considering the advancement in technology. It can be noted that the graphics of other games right now have become more and more sophisticated after each update.

In the case of WoW, though, Blizzard Entertainment opted to lead its players to a trip down memory lane. It has gone back to the time when the series had not released the first expansion yet. And this must have delighted fans.

According to the newly released report from SuperData Research, the World of Warcraft Classic has made a positive impact. It has pushed the subscription revenue of the series by 223 percent in just a matter of one month. This is a comparative study of the figures recorded in July and August.

Amid the game’s popularity these days, many fans have gone into debates as to what the acronym DM must mean. Some have been stern in saying that it must refer to Deadmines. However, others have been rallying that it must represent the dungeon, Dire Maul.

It is worth noting that this had been the discussion as well in the past. Thus, some players started calling Deadmines as “VC” to honor VanCleef, the last boss. The same strategy may be adopted when the Dire Maul would be dropped in World of Warcraft Classic finally. Accordingly, it would be made available during the release of the game’s second phase.

Based on the released info, the first phase includes the Maraudon, Molten Core, and Onyxia. The second phase will have Kazzak and Azuregos as well, apart from Dire Maul. The third phase will banner the deck drops of Darkmoon, Blackwing Lair, and Darkmoon Faire. The fourth phase will bring the Green Dragons and Zul’gurub. The fifth phase will introduce Agn’Qiraj War Effort. Scourge Invasion and Naxxramas are the last ones to arrive in the sixth phase.

In March this year, the developer announced that instead of only four phases, the game would already have six. Nevertheless, there have been no identified dates yet for the release of these six phases.

Keep posted for more World of Warcraft Classic news and updates! For sure, Blizzard has a lot in store for the loyal fans of the 15-year-old MMORPG.