Borderlands 3 Developer, Voice Talent Issue Complicated Statements On Reported Rift; Game’s Boss Week Turns Weak

Borderlands 3 Developer, Voice Talent Issue Complicated Statements On Reported Rift; Game’s Boss Week Turns Weak
Credit: TwoDynami via YouTube

Borderlands 3 was finally released on Sept. 13, but it is not getting the limelight these days. Instead, the reported rift between its developer and former voice actor has been hogging the headlines.

Troy Baker was the voice behind Rhys Strongfork, the male protagonist in the Tales of the Borderlands. This episodic game, which was released in 2014, was developed by Telltale Games as a spin-off of Gearbox Software’s original title.

The character is part of the latest title in the Borderlands series. However, Baker’s voice could never be heard from him.

Earlier this year, it was learned that Baker did not sign for the role. This triggered curiosity among fans. This even started a debate on the possible reasons why he is no longer part of Borderlands 3.

At the height of the situation, especially with the game’s release, Baker and Gearbox issued their respective statements. These seemed to have contributed further to the complication. And adding up to it is the labor group’s testimonial.

According to Baker, he did not accept the developer’s offer because the company allegedly was not willing to “go union.” He added that he does not agree to work for anything that is non-union.

In the meantime, Gearbox explained their side. Accordingly, the current law in Texas, where they operate, has something to do with what happened to Borderlands 3. The said act states that both the member and non-member of a labor organization have the right to get employed. Nevertheless, Baker only wants to collaborate if there is a union agreement.

Amid what happened, the company shared in a statement that their offer for a collaboration with Baker still stands.

Meanwhile, the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists(SAG-AFTRA) alleged that Gearbox failed to engage in union talks. The group also claimed that the latter made a misguided decision.

On the other hand, the supposed grand Borderlands 3 Boss Week seemed to have turned out weak. Many gamers have been disappointed with what they experienced in their gameplay.

While the developer promised about dropping a lot of bosses this week, this was not the actual scenario. The expected legendaries were not found in the list of those available in the so-called legendary week. Players could not even enjoy a Hellwalker during the entire game. Some players also noted that the developer could have included more substantial bonuses in the future.