Sea Salt Lets You Become An Eldritch God And Punish Those Who Stand Against You, It Is Time To Remove The Heretics From The World

Sea Salt Lets You Become An Eldritch God And Punish Those Who Stand Against You, It Is Time To Remove The Heretics From The World
Credit: YCJY Games

If you have ever wanted to be a God, and be evil, then this game is right for you. Sea Salt is an HP Lovecraft inspired game in which you play as an Old God who was betrayed by its followers. You gave them everything they needed, but now the Bishop has betrayed you, and all you have left to give is divine punishment. You are the god of the sea, and it is now time for your holy vengeance.

In a resurgence of pixel-based indie games, Sea Salt continues the trend by crafting a beautiful mix of strategy and action. You manage your divine powers while still taking an active hand in the distribution of divine wrath upon the mortals below. Your powers and punishments are yours to decide, but be warned as mortals can be harder to crush than in years past.

The game is much more than a classic God sim game going with an action strategy style. The look and feel come from classic real-time strategy games back in the early 90s, but the actual force of the game comes in its action core.

Although you play as an unseen force, you can still guide your monsters and horrors to enact vengeance upon villagers and religious figures. This is a lesson to be learned by the mortals as they quickly discover they should have taken your prayers more seriously. As you progress, you unlock your own army of creatures, each with select strengths and weaknesses.

Throughout the game, you select different tarot cards that allow you to command troops. Everything from simple cultists to human-eating crabs and explosive toads is within your arsenal of horror. These minions act as the enforcement of your will, and these are the very things you control in the game.

Aside from the story mode, there is also a tower defense mode that acts like a reverse of what you have come to expect. Rather than setting up defenses, you deploy the monsters and destroy it in honor of you, the Old God.

Each map in both modes comes with different win conditions and styles, allowing you to have an ever-evolving world of challenges. The tower defense mode acts as a practice ground allowing you to perfect your craft and choose the right monsters for every situation.

The game is set to be released on October 17 for Xbox One and Steam. The game looks good and operates perfectly in its pixel landscape. So if you want to be an Old God for Halloween, it seems that the option will be available before the end of the month.