Fallout 4 Now Has A Halloween Decor Mod That Lets Users Celebrate This Spooky Season In Style

Fallout 4 Now Has A Halloween Decor Mod That Lets Users Celebrate This Spooky Season In Style
Credit: Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

Fallout 76 has received a ton of negative feedback since it first released. Many felt like it was an unfinished game, which is unfortunate because the first trailer announcement showed a lot of promise. Bethesda usually does a great job with this franchise, but they couldn’t seem to get it right with their latest offering.

At least fans still have Fallout 4. It’s one of the more popular installments in the series. Bethesda did a great job with its open-world design and its progression system. The graphics and characters are great as well. It came out back in 2015, but even still, you can find dedicated players having fun with the title.

Fallout 4 also receives mods on a consistent basis, which is always great to see in a game that has been out for as long as this one. It shows the community still supports the game and in a lot of ways, it still has life. We’re a couple of days into October, which means a lot of Halloween-themed content from developers.

Halloween seems to have come to Fallout 4 as well thanks to the modding community. Lunchbox Mods’ Halloween pack has all sorts of ghostly goodies that you might want to check out if you still visit this game regularly. Specially, the mod gives you access to Halloween items in the building menu.

Thus, you can decorate your humble abode in the Wasteland with Halloween-themed items. For example, you can use the building editor to plop down some pumpkins, candle skulls, graves, and much more. It seems like the perfect way to ring in Halloween, especially if you don’t have the money to do it in real life.

It will be interesting to see what sort of interesting creations the Fallout 4 community comes up with. You can bet there will be some fan-created videos on YouTube showing settlements decked out in frightening decor. Halloween is such a beloved holiday that’s celebrated by so many.

It’s nice to see modders really give users something to play around with. It just shows how much people love Fallout 4. It has a lot of content to explore and the choices you make truly do feel like they affect the game. That’s a staple of any great Fallout game. Hopefully, Bethesda can learn from their mistakes with Fallout 76 and make a better game the next time round. At least we still have Fallout 4, which just got even better thanks to this recent mod update.