Spyro, Gnasty Gnorc, And Hunter All Come Speeding Into Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled In An All New Grand Prix

Spyro, Gnasty Gnorc, And Hunter All Come Speeding Into Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled In An All New Grand Prix
Credit: Beenox

Two massively popular icons from the old days of the PlayStation 1 have come together into a single game. These two platforming legends will be going head to head on the racetrack, and it is time to see who would be victorious. This Grand Prix is available as always at no additional cost, so it is time to put your vehicle into gear and speed off on an unforgettable season.

This Grand Prix season is bringing new karts, new characters, and new items into the race along with a whole new track. This is the perfect chance to see a world where two legendary franchises come together in a whacky race of speed, sharp turns, and glory.

Spyro will be showing up all over the game from the opening menu screen to the Grand Prix cinematic. Spyro, Hunter, and Gnasty Gnorc will be added as unlockable player characters, and they include the personality you expect from each of them. Ride in some amazing new karts including the Spyromobile and Gnasty Ride.

The karts come with new decals, stickers, and paint jobs so you can customize your kart to fit your flair. There is new skins for both the new and old characters including Dark Spyro and Gnome Velo.

The part that has fans and the developers most excited is the track that will be available. The track will be available online and locally for the rest of the game’s life. Spyro Circuit is supposed to make players feel as if they are in the world of dragons. The track is customized with inspiration from the Spyro the Dragon series, and even some of the gameplay ingredients come from that world.

Some of the items have gone through drastic cosmetic changes. Power-up crates are replaced by chests, and the Wumpa fruit is now stylized like gems. From these slight changes to the soundtrack itself, the developers have worked hard to make it feel like it is truly a part of Spyro’s world.

You can travel to different places using Spyro’s magic portals. These portals will transfer you from one world to another, allowing you to travel to different parts of the dragon world. Scattered across the worlds are dragon statues placed as a tribute to some fo the more popular dragons from the game.

This Grand Prix is set up to create some intense racing competition and is made with fewer shortcuts then usual. There is no place to hide as it is a Bandicoot vs. Dragon fight all the way to the finish line. The Spyro & Friends Grand Prix will start at 7:00 AM PDT on August 30.