Some Gameplay Footage Just Surfaced Of Godfall; Already Looks Impressive Visually

Some Gameplay Footage Just Surfaced Of Godfall; Already Looks Impressive Visually
Credit: Ginger Prime via YouTube

Sony is set to release their newest console — the PS5 — sometime this year. It will be going head to head with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, a console that closely resembles a PC. Despite Microsoft beating them to the punch in terms of its reveal, Sony seems set on keeping visual details close to their chest. No one knows exactly when we’ll see an official trailer release, but we do know Godfall will be available at launch.

It’s an action RPG developed by Counterplay Games. As it stands now, it’s set to release holiday 2020. That’s probably when we’ll see the release of the PS5, too. So far, we haven’t been privy to a whole lot of details other than the fact that the visuals in this game will be amazing. That’s looking to be completely true as some gameplay footage just leaked.

It’s not a lot of footage by any means, but it is enough to get a sense of the overall direction the developer is going in as far as the visuals and combat. First off, there are beautifully detailed environments featured. It seems like the developer has spent a lot of time making a very atmospheric experience for players. That’s always great to see in an RPG. It makes exploration so much better. You just want to take everything in and appreciate the hard work that went into the game.

We also see some combat scenes. Like the visuals, they also look pretty spectacular right off the bat. The combat is highly predicated on melee action. That makes a lot of sense considering the game is shot from a third-person perspective. It’s easy to see enemies all around your character. Timing and countering seem to be huge strategies you’ll need to master to be successful with the melee-oriented combat.

There is also an emphasis on swords. That’s what you’ll primarily be collecting as you venture through this game taking down enemies and collecting their loot. It stands to reason that the longer you play, the better weapons you’ll be able to acquire. They should help you out in battle tremendously.

The combat seems fluid and the weapon visuals also look amazing. Their special attacks are rendered in a distinct way as to let you know you’re executing a powerful blow. It’s pretty early in 2020, but Godfall already looks like a true gem and worth picking up day one of launch.