Godfall Has A New Gameplay Trailer Out Now Highlighting Combat

Godfall Has A New Gameplay Trailer Out Now Highlighting Combat
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Things are about to ramp up for both Sony and Microsoft as they look towards their next-gen console launches. Fans have already been introduced to quite a bit of spec information leading up to holiday season and some great games have also been announced for both consoles.

Probably one of the more promising for the PS5 is Godfall, an upcoming action role-playing game in development from Counterplay Games. It has looked like a pretty spectacular launch game for Sony’s next-gen console, featuring crisp graphics and an addicting looter design.

We’re still a little bit off from its release date, but that hasn’t stopped the developer from teasing the game here and there. In fact, a new trailer just surfaced a couple of days ago that shows more gameplay. Specifically, the fast-paced combat is featured and already, it looks like a brutal good time.

The combat is based around melee, which is great if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty in non-stop action sequences. What stands out in particular from the plethora of combat sequences shown is the dodging mechanics. They look vital to your character’s success.

After landing a couple of blows, you’ll have to dodge sideways or dip back before an opponent can counter. Thus, a lot of timing and angles seem to play a huge part in how you’ll approach enemies in Godfall as a Valorian Knight.

Near the end of the trailer, a couple of boss fights are shown. They are much larger than the traditional enemies you’ll encounter and thus warrant a little more IQ. Fortunately, every enemy and boss has a weakpoint in this game. That’s what you’ll get to figure out, even if that means trial by fire.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see this game have a pretty high skill ceiling and some frustrating moments to come with it. That’s perfect though if you’re up for a challenge, much like what is required to have success in the Dark Souls series.

All things considered, it was a pretty exciting trailer that peels back more of the curtain concerning Godfall’s combat. If you want a better look at all that’s coming around holiday season 2020, you can check out the trailer above. This difference in this generation of console wars — like it has been in the past — probably will be game offerings. Godfall is a solid one for the PS5 and could even be a console pusher. Time will tell.