Skyforge: Rock And Metal Has Been Released, This New Expansion Brings Fans Deep Into Terra To Stop The Evil Draconids

Skyforge: Rock And Metal Has Been Released, This New Expansion Brings Fans Deep Into Terra To Stop The Evil Draconids
Credit: Skyforge via Youtube

Skyforge has received its “Rock and Metal” expansion on all platforms. This expansion brings the Toxic Wasteland dungeon, the premium Black Metal weapon collection, and a  new Elder God form to players back on the planet of Terra. Dig deep and find what the Draconids are searching for under the rocky crust of Terra.

The main foe, the Draconids, is an army of lizards with giant laser drills and massive weaponry. This expansion takes you into the heart of the Draconid operation, putting players face to face with what the lizards are desperate to find. It is up to the players to infiltrate their dome and shut them down, bringing peace back to Terra.

This new expansion brings some extra firepower to players with the thunderous arrival of the Black Metal collection. This set of weapons were designed for the Firestarter, Soundweaver, and Grovewalker classes. They are inspired by real-world metal bands like Rammstein, Iron Maiden, and AC/DC bringing a rock n’ roll punch to all your attacks.

The Firestarter is the newest class in the Skyforge universe. It comes with a set of heavy-metal demonic-looking torches which it uses in the battle to summon its pyrotechnic attacks. This torch flings fire at enemies and has its own special abilities and effects depending on the torch being used.

The Grovewalker has a powerful metal thyrsus. This weapon is based on a real instrument that was originally made from fennel. It is the symbol of the Greek god Dionysus and in true Heavy Metal fashion predominantly displays a skull. It has a new attack that allows for large glowing spikes to protrude from the Grovewalker’s back, giving it an almost punk rock look.

Soundweaver is already the resident musical class, so to make it really stand out in the world of rock, the developers had to make something special. The new weapon is a demonic-looking guitar swelling with fire and furious energy. It has some extra cosmetic bumps that make it not only look cool but deal tons of damage.

Any Skyforge players who have ascended to their Elder God form can also unlock powers of the Aspect of Vengeance. This new form is available mostly for the Archer, Outlaw, and Gunner classes and it is designed to enhance and amplify ranged combat abilities.

This expansion is free to download for anyone who plays Skyforge. The weapons can be purchased through the Flower of Evil, Rhapsody of Pain, and Playing with Fire bundles. This is a great chance to jump into the epic sci-fi fantasy MMORPG as it enters a new era of rock and lizards.