Skater XL Just Received An Official Trailer That Highlights The Most Recent Update; Is Headed To The Switch And Xbox One

Skater XL Just Received An Official Trailer That Highlights The Most Recent Update; Is Headed To The Switch And Xbox One
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Skateboarding is an incredible sport and culture that has gradually crept into the video game sector. The Tony Hawk Pro Skater series was fundamental for this extreme sports genre. The Skate series took up the mantel, featuring even more realistic skating mechanics. Now, it looks like Skater XL is positioned to bring skateboarding to the forefront in this modern gaming age.

If you haven’t played Skater XL yet, you really should. It’s one of the most authentic and immersive skateboarding experiences yet in a video game. The way you control the board is just so realistic that you could spend hours mastering just one trick. Pressing a button won’t cut it. Rather, you have to position your character just perfectly and timing is everything — whether you’re trying to land a kick flip or backside 180. The entire time, you’re having a blast with the control responsiveness.

Skater XL has been in Steam’s Early Access for quite a while now. It just got the 0.2.0B update, which has brought powersliding and revert mechanics to the forefront. They’re definitely a welcomed addition considering how fundamental they have been for the skaters in the early days. They’re simple moves and yet so fun to pull off.

To celebrate this update, developer Easy Day Studios has put out a trailer. It highlights some of the new animations. They’re an important part of this skating game because it just gives it a more realistic coat of paint. As you’re performing tricks, you want your character to move like a skater would in real life. The new animations show the developer is constantly pushing the boundary with this skating game in hopes of giving fans incredible experiences that they won’t soon forget.

Even the sounds have been remastered, which just ups the immersion factor even more. Steam users have a lot to look forward to with this update, but it is worth mentioning Skater XL is heading to Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. That’s according to the description below this official trailer.

That’s great news if you’re a console gamer. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy these realistic and rewarding skate mechanics. Playing Skater XL on the Switch just sounds like a recipe for success. You’ll be able to take your skating adventures on the go. That brings so many new possibilities to the table. There is no official release date for the console version, but fans shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.