Nintendo Announces End Of Support For Wii Repair Service At The End Of March

Nintendo Announces End Of Support For Wii Repair Service At The End Of March
Credit: Nintendo UK Wii Website

While most gamers are paying close attention to the latest information on the Nintendo Switch, Wii users are still enjoying their older console. Many played their consoles with minimal issues. If a problem does occur, players will have to send in their items for repair soon.

Nintendo has announced on their Japanese support website that repair support for the Wii will be ending next month.

Repairs for the Wii are becoming more difficult for Nintendo. The pairs are becoming more scarce, so Nintendo has decided to crease their repair service.

The notice is in regard to the main Wii body “RVL-001” in all available colors. This also includes Wii peripherals.

The end date is planned for the end of March but could be sooner. Nintendo has announced if they run out of the parts necessary to make repairs before the cut off date, then they’ll end service earlier than announced.

The Nintendo Wii was released over a decade ago on December 2, 2006. Overall, the console sold over 101 million units worldwide. The Wii was later followed up by the WiiU and then the release of the Nintendo Switch in March 2017.

The main support website no longer lists the Wii on the front page. The only options include the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS series, WiiU, Nintendo Classic Mini series, and mobile apps.

If players are experiencing issues with their devices, there are different steps they can take. Nintendo has released a FAQ with various “self-service” options before contacting the company.

If players want to request a repair, they can start the process online. If players know what the issue is, they can reference the price if their device is no longer under warranty. If they decide to move forward, they can fill in the information on the repair service application. They’ll receive information about where to ship their device to repair, as devices cannot be accepted at Nintendo stores.

After Nintendo receives the products, it may take 10-14 days for a technician to review the issue and decide if the item can be repaired. The player will then be given a price quote, which they can accept or reject. After the item is repaired, it’s sent back to the owner.

The Nintendo Wii service is scheduled to end accepting new units for repair on March 31, 2020.