Several Employees Have Reportedly Quit 2K Sports Following WWE 2K20 Disaster

Several Employees Have Reportedly Quit 2K Sports Following WWE 2K20 Disaster
Credit: 2K

Because of a hilarious amount of bugs, glitches, and graphical issues, WWE 2K20’s launch was a complete disaster, and things just keep getting worse for the longtime annual pro wrestling game developer.

According to Justin Leeper, who designed, directed, and wrote “Road to WrestleMania” for WWE’s games in 2009, 2010, and 2011, has been updating fans about what’s going on within 2K, saying that he knows several employees who have quit the company following the disastrous launch of this year’s WWE game.

“I’ve heard about double digit number of people on the team who quit. They haven’t quit for other stuff. They just quit because it’s like, ‘man I don’t want this stink on me anymore. I don’t care what I’m doing. I’m leaving. I’m taking my stuff and going.’”

The latest patch for WWE 2K20 didn’t fix much of anything, except for a hair glitch on one of the wrestlers on the roster. Aside from that, it’s unclear what the devs did to fix the game.

Also, according to Leeper, there’s not going to be a patch of any significance anytime soon. So, whatever WWE 2K20 is right now, it’ll likely remain the same for the coming weeks and months.

On top of that, Leeper said that the budget for WWE’s annual video game has been slashed because of the 2K20 disaster, so they’ll have less money to make next year’s game.

Next year’s WWE game won’t be released until October, so don’t expect 2K to completely give up on this year’s game just yet, as they’ll likely roll out one last, big patch next year. But, that likely won’t convince anyone who hasn’t already played the game to give it a shot.

In other years, 2K releasing a buggy, glitchy wrestling game wouldn’t be a huge issue, as they’ve been the only game in town. However, Yukes — who used to work together with 2K to make their annual WWE game — have revealed that they’re working on an alternative to the 2K franchise. Furthermore, there’s a good chance that they’ll end up working with All Elite Wrestling instead of WWE, so 2K can’t afford to put out another disastrous pro wrestling game.

If 2K isn’t able to produce a quality game next year, you should expect to see WWE seek out other developers for their annual game. As of right now though, they’re sticking with 2K for the foreseeable future, so hopefully, next year’s game ends up being a significant improvement.