Season 3 For Apex Legends Is Officially Out Now; Respawn Has Put Out Patch Notes Highlighting The Changes

Season 3 For Apex Legends Is Officially Out Now; Respawn Has Put Out Patch Notes Highlighting The Changes
Credit: Cultured Vultures via YouTube

Season 3 is officially upon us in the Apex Legends universe. That means new content and goodies to enjoy in this battle royale game. Like every major update like this one, Respawn Entertainment has put out some patch notes for Season 3. They were recently released and judging by fan reactions, they’re including a lot of great additions.

Two of the major announcements are a new character and map. The map — which has a trailer out now for it — is called World’s Edge. It looks much different than the current map Apex Legends has. Most notably, there is fire and ice everywhere. It’s an interesting contrast going from one area to the next. Not only that, but World’s Edge has a train that players can use to move around and use as battlegrounds.

The new character is Crypto. Like the other characters in Apex Legends, he has a unique set of skills and attributes. A huge highlight for him is his Drone Surveillance ability. It essentially lets Crypto send out a drone, to which he can use to gain an advantage on his opponents by discovering their locations.

Aerial shots are provided, which comes in handy for his squad as he can let them know exactly where enemies are located throughout the map using a ping system. It should make combat that much better.  The drone can also be used offensively by slowing enemies down, draining shields, and even disabling traps. Crypto seems like a great addition to an already great cast of characters.

Now that those major highlights are out of the way, Season 3 is also fixing a lot of bugs. Respawn’s intention here is to make gameplay a much more fluid experience overall. Some noticeable aspects that have been removed in this update include skullpiercer rifling and disruptor rounds. Noteworthy additions include double tap trigger and anvil receiver.

There have also been some adjustments to the weapons, including the G7 Scout, R-99, R-301, and L-STAR. Tweaks to their performance have been made, including rate of fire, mag size, pattern spread, and base damage. Overall, these weapon adjustments are great to see as they rid broken systems that select players have started to take advantage of.

Season 3 is shaping up to be a huge update for Respawn. Again, it’s currently out now for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. If you haven’t played the game in a while, these changes are worth checking out.