Resident Evil 3 Remake From Capcom Just Received An Animal Crossing Mod

Resident Evil 3 Remake From Capcom Just Received An Animal Crossing Mod
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Resident Evil 3 Remake is about to release here in a couple of days. Before its official release, though, there have been select reviewers and influencers in the gaming industry who’ve gotten their hands on a copy. Impressions thus far have been pretty mixed.

There are those that have enjoyed Raccoon City’s crowded zombie streets and the menacing Project Nemesis coming out nowhere time and time again. Then there are those that feel this game is a step down from Resident Evil 2 Remake, featuring less features than the original that came out in 1999.

Whichever side you’ll fall on after its April 3 release, there’s no denying Resident Evil 3 Remake’s modding potential. This was on full display in the previous remake, which saw all sorts of creative and frightening mods from the Resident Evil fanbase. For instance, there was a stripped down version of Mr. X. and Thomas the Train. You can bet these sort of weird appearances will happen again in this latest remake from Capcom.

It’s already happening, in fact. There’s a mod that just hit the community featuring another popular game, Animal Crossing. Who would have thought these two franchises would merge together? I guess anything is possible these days. The mod comes from Crazy Potato and it’s available now on Nexus Mods. It pretty much swaps out Jill Valentine’s head for the character Isabelle.

If you’re not familiar with the Animal Crossing franchise, it’s a cartoonish dog featuring rosy cheeks and a lovable smile. The mask is quite a striking contrast compared to the horror themes found in Resident Evil 3 Remake. That contrast instantly makes this mod a must-play experience, especially if you’re a fan of the most recent Animal Crossing game that just came out for the Nintendo Switch.

Sometimes things just align so perfectly like these two franchises coming together. Despite being polar opposite, they find their way to each other. This is probably only the tip of the iceberg as far as community mods go. You can bet that after a couple of weeks of this survival-horror game being out, there will be a ton of odd and captivating cosmetic options for Jill. There is also unlimited mod potential for Project Nemesis.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see those swap him out for some more endearing characters that video game fans love. April 3 is just a couple of days away now and despite the mixed reviews, Resident Evil 3 Remake still looks like a fun survival-horror experience.