Borderlands 3 Unveils First Week Of Co-Op Loot Drop With Their Latest Co-Op Event ‘Door Busters’

Borderlands 3 Unveils First Week Of Co-Op Loot Drop With Their Latest Co-Op Event ‘Door Busters’
Credit: Borderlands via YouTube

Games are becoming gamier and gamier, and if you know anything about the kind of power that is coming out of that crazy and wild dynamic then you will certainly know what we can all find out from the start of such a movement. Borderlands 3 is the third installment in a long series of games that follow the path of heroes through the post-apocalyptic hellscape known only as of the Borderlands. Here, players are forced to fight and survive and earn all kinds of new weapons. Does it sound like fun? Well, it ain’t. Not if you happen to be playing it for real.

But this is the environment, and we are just the ones who are forced to live within it. For all intents and purposes, this is a world we all need to understand compete in. That’s why Borderlands 3 is revolutionizing the whole dynamic by introducing a new realm of play with their event known only as Door Busters. This bad boy will surely have the player kicking down doors and getting out there to experience whole new realms of gameplay. Be sure to keep reading below if you want to find out more about this wild and revolutionary event.

In all truth and reality, “Door Busters” is not just a single event. No, no, you see, Door Busters is much, much more than just a silly little event. So go ahead and buckle up, young cosmonauts, this one is going to be one hell of a bumpy ride, my friends. Let us see what lies before us.

Yes, in reality, Door Busters is just a single element in the mire of a massive and behemoth-sized event spanning the entirety of the upcoming month of April. This event is being hailed as a “Co-op Loot Drop” and there are some things you really must understand how it is going to work for everyone involved.

Anyway, running between today and the end of April (otherwise known as April 30th), this event will have everyone in the game team up with a co-op partner or even more than that if you want to fight and kill the enemies to get that extra loot. This loot will have an attached powerhouse gimmick and Door Busters is the first gimmick in the long series.

Be sure to check out Door Busters if you happen to be a huge fan of Borderlands 3. Good luck out there, and remember to always dirty if you can. It is the only sure way to win.