Pokemon Go Turns Into Pokemon Stay As Developers Allow Players To Catch Em All From The Couch

Pokemon Go Turns Into Pokemon Stay As Developers Allow Players To Catch Em All From The Couch
Credit: Pokémon GO via Twitter

Pokemon Go first came out over four years, and ever since its initial release, this powerhouse of a video game has been rocking the video game industry and the video game world. We are talking about a series of games and their extensions that are so powerful they tend to make you want to get out there and see more and more of the world as you want to see it. This is the real deal, people, and it is time we all allowed ourselves to acknowledge it. For those of us who consider ourselves to be megafans, this can only a good thing.

In the wake of the deadly CoronaVirus pandemic, we are starting to see the implications even for those games that are clearly powerhouses. We are talking now about a thing that is too strong even for our own powers: The meliorist capacity to advance society, one step at a time, always towards the future. This drive has even pushed Pokemon Go to become a game where the free-flying ability of its players has once again been curtailed and relegated to the domain of the couch, no different from any other game out there.

In other words, Pokemon Go is going to allow its gamers to play these bad boys from the comfort of their own couch. In some ways, this is a good thing: We need to protect lives, and we need to keep people from spreading this deadly virus around the land. In this conception, Pokemon Go is only doing its part to help keep everyone alive.

On the other hand, however, this whole thing seems like a destruction of the spirit of the game. The entire purpose and enjoyment one would find within the beauty that we all came to know as Pokemon Go is the ability to go out, meet other people, enjoy life, and spread joy. Now we are only spreading viruses, however, and in this unique and destructive environment, we have to cut back on the Pokemon Go power to such an extent that it is indistinguishable from any other video game.

Let’s all do our best to create the kind of world where this will no longer be necessary. We must aim to create a future utopian society where pandemics such as this are no longer possible so we may continue playing games like Pokemon Go.

Do not tell me it isn’t possible. If you find yourself craving for some couch Pokemon, then be sure to pick up a copy of Pokemon Go near you.