Wasteland 3 Has Been Delayed Until August Because Of The Coronavirus, According To Studio

Wasteland 3 Has Been Delayed Until August Because Of The Coronavirus, According To Studio
Credit: GamersPrey via YouTube

Wasteland 3 is a highly anticipated post-apocalyptic RPG from the people at inXile Entertainment. It’s a follow-up to the highly successful Wasteland 2. It was originally planned to release May 19 of this year. Given the coronavirus and the self-quarantine measures that are in place all over the world, this date is being pushed back.

It’s only natural considering the team won’t be able to congregate closely together in a studio. Rather, they’ll have to continue working on the game from home. The developer made this announcement on their official Twitter page. As of now, the release date is August 28. That’s a couple of more months to wait for this incredible survival experience that’s taking place around the snowy and rocky state of Colorado.


Considering the success of the previous installments and the stellar details of this upcoming game that we already know about, the wait will more than likely be worth it in the end. The story is shaping up to be particularly gripping. You get to play as a Desert Ranger, who’s doing everything possible to save his Arizona town. In order to do this, though, you’ll have to venture off to Colorado to take down an outsider’s three children.

You have the elements and cards stacked up against you, but if you can master the tactical combat, you just might have a shot at coming out victorious. Speaking of tactical combat, early trailers are showing a lot of promise. There are a bevy of resources you can use at your disposal and hours of strategy to master.

The combat is complimented nicely with the incredible areas you’ll get to explore. The variety keeps you intrigued and so does the story. The decisions you make in this game will impact how the story unfolds, for better or for worse. That’s a lot on your shoulders and should make this game all the more meaningful and immersive.

Wasteland 3 also is showing great things with its customizations. For instance, after creating a squad of up to six players, you’ll be able to select particular skills and enhance them throughout each playthrough. How you approach combat and survival is completely up to you, though.

There will surely be a lot of Wasteland fans who are not too happy about this news, but considering the circumstances that the studio now finds themselves dealing with, it makes sense. Hopefully, they can take this added time to refine systems and remove lingering bugs.