Refund Me If You Can Horror Video Game On Steam Demands That Users Finish The Game Before Asking For Payment

Refund Me If You Can Horror Video Game On Steam Demands That Users Finish The Game Before Asking For Payment

A recent horror video game on Steam demands that users finish the game before asking for payment. The game was released on Friday by independent developer Sun game Studio on the popular Valve Store. Sarah is having a nightmare and is being pursued by a monster.

The only way to rouse her from her tortured slumber is to finish the maze’s approximately 100 distinct paths successfully.

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Many of the horror games that appear on our list of top horror games have long featured chasing monsters, cramped, chaotic environments, and nightmare logic.

All that information can be found in Refund Me If You Can, except the scary recommendation to avoid standing still for longer than 45 seconds.

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Unfortunately, sun game Studio’s creators don’t explain why. Still, Liam surmises that it’s probably because if you do, a massive, terrible monster with long claws would materialize and pursue you around your nightmare labyrinth. Good job; at least you can see where you’re going, thanks to the absurd number of glow sticks.

You commit to finishing the game before requesting a refund unless you’re a coward when you play it.

The terms and conditions for Steam’s refund policy are apparent, and I quote: “Valve will, upon request via, give a refund for any reason, provided the request is made within the required refund time and, in the case of a game if played for less than two hours.

So. They explain that “you can still request a refund, and we will consider it even if you fall outside the return rules we have specified.” I’m not sure if you’ll be fortunate in this situation.

Today, July 22, Give Me Back If You Can be available on Steam for £3/$4/€4. If you complete it quickly enough, the refund will be issued in approximately a week, technically free.