Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid League Starts This Weekend At Frosty Faustings

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid League Starts This Weekend At Frosty Faustings
Credit: nway

Wherever there is competitive gaming, there are competitive gamers. Developer nWay Games has partnered with Lionsgate and Hasbro to form a League for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, the tag-team fighter released last year for Windows and all major consoles. That’s right, fellow nerds and eSports enthusiasts: it’s morphin’ time.

Players can rack up points by competing in online weekly tournaments that are hosted by the official Battle for the Grid Discord group. There are also in-game Episodes, which are reset every four weeks, and climbing the leaderboards in those will also score you Grid Points. The higher your ranking, the more points you’ll get as a result.

If you’re more of a social gamer, you’ll be happy to know that there will be offline events, both on the local and national stage. Following the official Battle for the Grid Twitter and Facebook accounts will let you track local tournaments.

There will be a total of seven major tournaments, taking place all across the United States. The League kicks off this weekend in Chicago at Frosty Faustings XII, then heads to Atlanta in March, San Jose and New Jersey in April, back to Chicago in May, Orlando in June, and then Las Vegas at the tail end of July for the League finale at Evolution 2020.

The finale will feature a total of eight players: seven with the highest Grid Points and the winner of a last chance qualifier tournament. There will be prizes awarded at different stages throughout the tournament.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid was first released for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in March of 2019, then came to the Playstation 4 the next month, before being released for Windows in September of that year. A Google Stadia port is currently in the works, though a release date has yet to be announced.

The base game features 12 playable characters, and six more characters were released through two season passes. The game’s story is loosely based on the Shattered Grid storyline from the Boom! Studios Power Rangers comic book and features characters from multiple incarnations of the Power Rangers television series, including Power Rangers Time Force, Power Rangers S.P.D., and of course, the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Jason David Frank, Austin St. John, David J. Fielding, and Kerrigan Mahan all reprised their roles as Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, Zordon, and Goldar, respectively. That’s right, the original voice of Goldar. It’s time to conquer Earth.