Pound Tournament Organized Nintendude Bans Secret Ice Climber Move For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Pound Tournament Organized Nintendude Bans Secret Ice Climber Move For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Credit: Nintendo

For those in the know, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is always upgrading in new ways that are going to come out in wholly unexpected ways. We are seeing an evolution that we have never seen before all over the place, and it finally time for us to get out there and make things happen. Once again, we are finding the world-changing. If you are a Smash mega fan, you need to learn the new rules.

This week we learned that one of the secret techniques used by the professional Ice Climber players known as “wobbling” is forever banned in the professional contests between the mega players. The big time organizer of all of this stuff, Mr. Michael Brancato, who goes by the name “Nintendude” in the gamer universe, told everyone on Twitter last week that the powerful technique is now banned in the upcoming 2020 Pound tournament.

Nintendude considers himself to be a major Ice Climber guy himself, and so this news is coming out as a pretty big shock to all of us within the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But it just goes to show that you cannot count on anything staying the same forever.

Super Smash players have lived by their own code for decades now. There is always a strict set of rules for everyone who wants to play in the big leagues. Sometimes it means not having the ability to use items, other times it means having to forego special techniques, this time it will hit the big Ice Climber guys.

For those who aren’t aware, the Ice Climber stuff is part of a special move. This wobbling allows the player to lock in the enemy and just slam em with it for a move after move.

Essentially, you lock the opponent in between the duo climbers, and then you will need to spam the attack button repeatedly and with a quickness. This will let you keep hitting the opponent between the two climbers until you end up getting the hit count up close to 100%

And then boom. Well, you know the rest. Let’s just say it isn’t too pretty for people who have never experienced the full power of this excellent move before. So, in many ways, this development is great news for those players looking to bust into the realm of online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gameplay. It will finally give you the chance to make your mark. Good luck, comrades.