Firewall Zero Hour Is Gaining Its Fourth Season, Operation Black Down, And Has Recently Debuted On PlayStation Plus As The Free Game Of The Month

Firewall Zero Hour Is Gaining Its Fourth Season, Operation Black Down, And Has Recently Debuted On PlayStation Plus As The Free Game Of The Month
Credit: PlayStation via Youtube

The PlayStation VR Exclusive title Firewall Zero Hour has just launched the game’s fourth Season, Operation: Black Dawn. This is riding right after the announcement that Firewall Zero Hour is now included as a February PlayStation Plus free game allowing everyone in the PlayStation community a swing at this title.

There is a ton of momentum happening in the Firewall Zero Hour community as the game is now being played by a wider audience. Fresh content, fresh game, and a dedicated active community presents a bright future for this title.

Firewall Zero Hour is a teamwork-based tactical squad shooter. It is built for the PlayStation VR gear and allows players a ton of equipment, classes, and action to get involved in. In the game, up to eight players go face to face against two other teams of four as they battle for objectives in key locations across the world.

Attackers must bypass Firewall access points, locate the laptop, initiate hacks to obtain data, and eliminate all hostiles in the way. While they are doing this, the Defenders are working to protect the laptop, fortify the location, and force the enemy into choke points so they can protect the data from being hacked and stolen.

Black Dawn is launching with a brand new map called Oil Rig. The map will be free for all players and is set on a nighttime oil rig somewhere in the Caspian Sea. Players should watch out for the close quarter’s sections of the map and take advantage of the unique cover points scattered around.

A new Contractor has also made an appearance in the game, and his name is Saul. He is from Spain and is an expert on the open water. Players can use his skill of “tactician” to pick up planted equipment. This character is sure to be fun for anyone who enjoys playing tactically and moving other player’s gear.

New cosmetics have also been added to the game. There are 25 new cosmetic rewards in this Season. Players will gain different trinkets, face paints, and camo skins after the completion of missions. Operation: Black Dawn Op Pass owners can also gain premium and bonus rewards. This is also the first Season that has graphic reticles for weapons available as a reward in free, premium, and bonus missions.

The Custom X-MR is now available to all players upon completing the Free Mission starting February 4. A new legendary weapon skin for this Season is Saul’s CQB, which is available to anyone who completes all the free, premium, and bonus missions and can be redeemed for 250,000 Crypto.

There are tons of other packs released with this Season that can be purchased through the PlayStation Store. This game is a PS VR exclusive title, but remember if you have the PlayStation pass, this game is now free for your enjoyment.