PlayStation Magazine Clarifies Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Cover Story, Says It’s Not A HZD 2 Reveal

PlayStation Magazine Clarifies Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Cover Story, Says It’s Not A HZD 2 Reveal
Credit: Sony

Earlier this week, a teaser for the July edition of PlayStation Magazine leaked online, and the cover story for the issue reads “Revealed! The surprising Horizon Zero Dawn sequel.” Naturally, people began to believe that the leaked issue of July’s PS Magazine was suggesting that HZD 2 is going to be revealed soon.

However, PlayStation Magazine shot down the rumor that the July issue will cover the official reveal of Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Instead, they’re saying that the cover story is about the upcoming HZD comic, as its events take place directly after the conclusion of the first game.

“There are some stories circulating of us revealing Horizon Zero Dawn 2 in our new issue. The cover story references a new comic from Titan which ‘continues’ after the game. It seems some people are getting carried away.”

The leak also said that, in June, there will be a huge PlayStation 5 games blowout, as the magazine says the following: “The next-gen starts next issue, as we reveal the latest games coming to PS5, and how they’ll play.” Of course, this led many to believe that a PlayStation 5 reveal event is coming soon, but OPM says that’s not the case.

“There will be PS5 games coverage in the issue on sale July, but this is not a reference to a Sony event.”

Even though the game hasn’t officially been announced, we know that a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel is currently in development at Guerrilla Games. According to several reports, none of which have been confirmed, the HZD sequel will feature multiplayer, as they’re adding a co-op mode to their open-world title. It’ll be interesting to see how that works, as the game features just one playable character — Aloy — who will likely be the game’s main protagonist for the foreseeable future.

If the sequel is going to feature a co-op mode, it may have nothing to do with Horizon Zero Dawn’s main narrative. Instead, it could end up being Guerrilla Games’ version of Monster Hunter, where players create a custom character and join up with friends to take down the various machines that roam Horizon Zero Dawn’s vast open-world.

It’s probably safe to assume that, whenever Sony decides to officially reveal the PlayStation 5, they’ll do so by not only showing what their next-gen console looks like, but they’ll also show what one of their exclusive titles — likely Horizon Zero Dawn 2 — looks like on the PS5.