OWL – Philadelphia Fusion’s Alarm Bags The 2020 Rookie Of The Year

OWL – Philadelphia Fusion’s Alarm Bags The 2020 Rookie Of The Year
Credit: Philadelphia Fusion

Philadelphia Fusion is one of the most celebrated teams in the Overwatch League because of its playmaking stars and a deep bench. One of these players is Kim “Alarm” Kyeong-bo, who collects the Rookie of the Year award for 2020. Another title the flex support can add to his resume.

The 19-year old Ana player is one of the standouts in this season’s set of first time OWL players. Not only did Alarm showcased outstanding performances compared to other rookies, but he is also one of the best in the entire league. For the third season of the competition, the Korean pro was also nominated in the Most Valuable Player award. Though it ultimately went to Shanghai Dragons’ Kim “Fleta” Byung-sun, it proves just how impactful Alarm is in his first year.

On top of these couple of recognitions, the Fusion support player was awarded a spot in the Role Stars. The Twitter account of the franchise writes its support to the RotY, “We are UNBELIEVABLY proud of everything @alarm has accomplished during his first year in the league, from Role Star to MVP Candidate, he is more than deserving of the title… #OWL2020 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!”

Kyeong-bo played for Philadelphia University, the primary team’s Overwatch Contenders academy team. The roster was an immovable force in the North American region of Contenders. Philadelphia won four titles of the sub-tournament of the pros. The team faced other academy teams such as Toronto Esports, XL2 Academy, and Gladiators Legion. The University are now competing in the Contenders Korea.

The meta of the Blizzard owned FPS game can change over one patch, which the pros have to adapt quickly to find success. Alarm shifted from heroes to heroes over his first season while still displaying top tier mechanics. The youngster’s pool includes Ana, Zenyatta, and Baptiste. His prowess has allowed the Fusions to climb the standings at second overall with a record of 59-19-0, behind the Dragons.

The coveted award held a ceremony during the NA All-Stars broadcast. Footage of Alarm was played regarding how much it would mean to him if he bags the Rookie of the Year. His teammate Gael “Poko” Gouzerch also spoke highly of the 19-year old player on his dedication to Overwatch and the Fusions organizations, as well as Alarm’s kindness to their teammates.

The league continues to unfold its conclusion on October 8. The Grand Finals Weekend festivities start with Seoul Dynasty versus the San Francisco Shock, followed by Philadelphia Fusions and Shanghai Dragons matchup.