New Hotfixes To World Of Warcraft: Classic Highlight Dungeon Limits And Raid Instances

New Hotfixes To World Of Warcraft: Classic Highlight Dungeon Limits And Raid Instances
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

The fight against bots in World of Warcraft: Classic has proven to be an arduous and lengthy battle. In fact, many times it seems like it might not be one that Blizzard is winning, given that the botting issue has only seemed to worsen.

Just as they recently discussed removing tens of thousands of confirmed botting accounts, Blizzard announced a new method of helping to weed out the exploitative automatic behavior that botting poses.

Recently, Blizzard announced that they would be limiting players to thirty instances per day in World of Warcraft: Classic. That means, simply put, that players are only able to run a total of thirty instances/dungeons between daily resets.

Additionally, players were being held to a five-per-hour cap with dungeons. The two combined to make it so that – on the surface – players were being heavily restricted from how many dungeons they could run.

However, if you play Classic, you likely recognize that these numbers are extremely generous still for everyone except the quickest of farmers. A general dungeon run can take as long as an hour or significantly longer, depending on the dungeon and group in question.

A five-an-hour cap is hard to hit when running a single dungeon often takes much longer than an hour, so the hourly cap ends up not being much of an issue. The same can be said for thirty dungeons – it’s incredibly difficult for someone to hit thirty dungeons in a twenty-four hour period unless dedicated to the task.

Still, there are players that farm or power level that were being kept back by the restrictions. Among the farmers, however, as huge numbers of bots, which are typically capable of clearing the dungeon much faster for a variety of reasons.

One of the issues being presented was players that had hit this cap worrying they would then be locked out of the endgame raid content – while not dungeons, they’re still instances, which made them vulnerable to the restriction in wording.

“We have seen only a small handful of legitimate players encountering the recently added instance limit,” Blizzard announced, stating that the restrictions wouldn’t affect raids. “We want to ensure that anyone who does hit the cap is still able to freely participate in raid content.”

While the news only affects players that are somehow able to clear thirty dungeons in a day and make it to a raid, it’s still an important note. Thankfully, all players will be able to enjoy their raids, no matter how incredibly effective they are at clearing out dungeons.