Anticipated Spiritual Adventure Paws and Soul: First Step Has Officially Released On Steam

Anticipated Spiritual Adventure Paws and Soul: First Step Has Officially Released On Steam
Credit: Games Operators via Youtube

This unique spiritual journey was designed by Games Operators and Arkunda Inc. Indie title Paws and Soul: First Step brings humanity into a new perspective as they engage with a thought-provoking story that will reimagine the past while reasserting the present. Explore what happened before your change into a wolf and explore the deep

Explore a unique perspective as you reveal the secrets of reincarnation, rebirth, and karma. Expect the unexpected as you go on a spiritual journey in a fairytale-like forest full of clues and revelations.

Paws and Soul: First Step is an adventure into reincarnation. Turn into a wolf, explore the forest, and reveal the truth and secrets behind your past life. This is the first step in a much larger adventure.

This third-person experience will put you in the eyes of an animal. Reveal bonus stories hidden amongst the woods as you take in the breathtaking scenery. This is a relaxin adventure meant to spark curiosity and bring players closer with the idea of reincarnation.

Buddhist ideas are prominent within this title. Everything is driven on the idea of rebirth and karma, giving the entire game meditative atmosphere. Forget the worries of the world and instead enjoy the peace and beauty of a magical forest.

This fascinated adventure will take you through the ups and downs of a person’s life. See every moment, expect the twists and turns, and prepare for a wider experience in the world that you know.

There are tons of puzzles and secrets hidden in the world. As you grow as a person, and a wolf, the world around you continues to change and evolve. Enjoy the meditative atmosphere mixed with an amazing soundtrack that will relax the nerves and help transcend your mind.

This title acts as an early demo for the full release planned next month. As the first steps in a long journey, payers are offered a taste of a much larger world.

Paws and Soul: First Step is an early look, but it still holds the power of the full adventure. Immerse into a massive world and be one of the first players to experience this magical adventure.

Interested fans can find Paws and Soul: First Step on Steam available for free download. The full title can also be wishlisted for later purchase for when it releases on July 16. Enjoy the demo while the full experience is only three weeks away.