Nintendo Switch Lite Release Date Finally Came Gaming Console Packed With Features But Easy On The Hand

Nintendo Switch Lite Release Date Finally Came Gaming Console Packed With Features But Easy On The Hand
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

The Nintendo Switch Lite is finally out, and the console is really deserving of its name in terms of weight.

Once users hold the device, their fingertips will immediately feel its crisp matte finish. The index fingers will rest comfortably on its trigger buttons.

Many gamers have commented that the Nintendo Switch Lite is perhaps the most comfortable mobile console in the market today. Its light but sturdy built could even be a primary reason for fans to consider purchasing it.

Over the years, Nintendo has released several iterations of its handheld console. However, these devices – from the beloved Game and Watch to the DS series – were not known for their comfort. They were either too thin, too thick, or too tall.

For instance, the design of the Nintendo DS’ dual-screen made it top-heavy. Users had to contend with constant hand cramps, especially if you played non-stop for hours. It is only the PlayStation Vita and Game Boy Advance which feels as good as the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The Nintendo Switch debuted as a gaming console, but it is now widely accepted as a mobile device. About half of the Switch owners preferring to use it as a handheld.

The Nintendo Switch Lite can no longer connect to a TV, though. It does not have detachable controllers like its predecessor. However, long-time users will be pleased to know that the directional keypad is back on the Lite. The other buttons also have a strong yet quiet click.

Nintendo also made sure to make the Lite more aesthetically appealing. The bezel of the screen matches each of the device’s three color schemes: turquoise, gray and yellow. What makes the handheld more attractive is that despite its smaller screen, the bezel does not overshadow it.

Users will also be pleased to know that the Lite’s 720p output is the same as the Switch’s handheld variant. This feature has created a significant upside. Despite the Lite’s smaller screen, its higher pixel density has resulted in clearer images.

However, gamers may have a little cause for concern. The speakers of the Nintendo Switch Lite are located at the bottom side of the device. Resting the device on your stomach might cause a muffled sound.

According to several feedbacks, the upside of this feature is that there is very little chance the gamers would cover the speakers with the bottom part of their palms. They can play with this console for hours in bed without getting hand cramps. If you want louder audio, all you have to do is wear a headset.

The Nintendo Switch Lite was released on Friday, September 20.