Daybreak Game Enters Massive Battle Royale Game Planetside Arena On Steam Early Access

Daybreak Game Enters Massive Battle Royale Game Planetside Arena On Steam Early Access
Credit: PlanetSide Arena via YouTube

PlanetSide Arena, the much-anticipated 300-player battle royale from Daybreak Game, has entered Early Access on Steam.

Early Access allows developers to test out their games in a real-life scenario. Players participating in the program are also encouraged to give their feedback to help perfect the game.

According to the developer, the PlanetSide Arena on Early Access is capable of hosting hundreds of players in combat mode. Daybreak Game is also asking help from players to report glitches and bugs they find in the game.

In the Early Access, there would be a Squads Mode and a Teams Mode. A squad will comprise of 12 soldiers while a team will have three soldier-members. The program can host as many as 300 players in each match.

Players can choose from the three character classes–Medic, Engineer, and Assault. More characters will be added after the Early Access. The vehicles they can use include jetpacks, hovercrafts, and tanks. They can also choose which type of strategy and the kind of playstyle they will employ.

Based on their timeline, the game will stay on Early Access until the first quarter of next year. By the second quarter, they target to launch the Massive Clash, which is the flagship mode for PlanetSide Arena. Just like the name suggests, the combat mode will be massive. There would be as many as 1,000 players who will be duking it out in the Battle Royale mode.

Throughout the Early Access, the developer intends to bring in new game modes, characters, weapons, and vehicles. No details are forthcoming as of yet. However, they initially enhanced the visuals of the game, personal loadout, as well as the character mods. Even this year, you can also add utility to your battle suits and weapons.

Meanwhile, the developer has asked the Early Access community to focus on gameplay balance and bug finding.

PlanetSide Arena has dropped all pretense of what it is. At the outset, you and your squad will be dropped in the middle of a battleground. It’s not clear yet how big the map is but if the battleground is small, it’s going to be chaotic, indeed. While you need serious skills and a good strategy, teamwork will play a huge role in your survival.

While Daybreak is not new to massive Battle Royale games, the test is handling 1,000 players simultaneously. If it can consistently do that, then PlanetSide Arena may just become its most successful game.