Ninja Chowdown Pixel Runner Game Headed To iOS This Fall

Ninja Chowdown Pixel Runner Game Headed To iOS This Fall
Credit: Ninja Chowdown Official Website

Dummy Dojo, with Abylight Studios, has announced the public release window for Ninja Chowdown on iOS. The game was brought to life in thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019.

Ninja Chowdown follows the story of Donatsu and the Dough-jo Donuttery as they work to climb to the top of the food chains. The world is run by the champions of these food chains as they create delicious meals during the day and fight at night. The battle begins when The Traveling Rollnin’s leader, Sushi Sam, steals the Know-nut, the Doughnut of Ultimate Knowledge. The Donatsu have to get it back but have a limited set of skills.

The primary gameplay is a fast-paced side-scrolling runner with pixel graphics. The game is easy to pick up and learn but even more difficult to master. Players can jump, throw, and use their Dough-jutsu skills to fight opponents.

The Kickstarter page mentions that the game will be for PC, but was primarily designed for mobile devices. The game will be free to download but comes with ads. Ads can be disabled forever by paying an additional fee.

Ninja Chowdown has 35 levels and three play modes: the Normal, the Grey, and All You Can Beat. All of the levels are short and range from 30 seconds to three minutes. After players finish one game mode, they can go back and complete a more difficult mode for an even greater challenge.

While the ninja’s basic garb is a black suit, players can add pets, clothes, and weapons to customize their adventure.

The Android release is still in progress. The developer stated that they’re sending out the Android version to backers once the iOS version is finalized. After that, the public Android version will be released after some additional testing and QA. The release timeframe is unknown.

Those who want to follow the development of the game can join Dummy Dojo’s official Discord server, follow them on social media, or review the Updates on the Kickstarter page.

Developer Dummy Dojo is a three-person team based in Califonia. They previously released games such as Turtle Daddy and Radi-Ocean. Their platforms range from mobile to downloads.

The publisher, Abylight Studios, has published many titles on mobile. Its library includes Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition, Cut the Rope, and The Curse of Issyos.

Ninja Chowdown is scheduled to launch sometime this Fall, or October at the very latest, for iOS.