New York And Lousy Framerate Ubisoft Showed The Gameplay Of The Division Resurgence

New York And Lousy Framerate Ubisoft Showed The Gameplay Of The Division Resurgence
Credit: GN24

French publisher Ubisoft has published several new videos in which the developers have demonstrated in detail the gameplay of the shareware game The Division Resurgence.

The project will be released on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android.

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The events of the game will again unfold in New York, most of the population of which died out as a result of a biological attack using a modified smallpox virus. Players will take control of the agents of the Strategic Homeland Division, who stand up to protect survivors from gangs rampant on the streets of the city.

Judging by the demo, Resurgence will not differ much from the licensed parts of The Division. At the same time, the current build of the game turned out to be highly raw because, on the videos, substantial framerate drawdowns are visible to the naked eye.

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In a previous post, Resurgence fits perfectly into the world of division. It starts with Division 1, which gives it a chance to show part of the beginning of the game from a new perspective, but Norris says much of the game follows the Division 1 story. , So it works as a pseudo-sequel.

The primary enemy division in the restoration is a new faction in the universe. They are called free people, made up of scientists, artisans, and engineers trying to survive in New York.

Cover all your abilities on dilapidated roads and use different skills to get better from the enemy, but with some compensation and adjustments for the mobile platform.

At the beginning of the game, you choose your feature or class, and as you play, you can unlock and switch between different elements. For example, Vanguard’s skills can highlight enemies for your team, while Demoman can use other explosive weapons and safe mines.

According to Norris, six specialties will be available at launch. In the gameplay demo, we saw players drop cores to get a better shooting position and take down outside towers to help fight enemies. Freemen are also well equipped and can use items such as remote control drones.