New Space Tycoon Solar Baron Puts The Fate Of The World’s Energy In Your Careful Hands, Planned For Release Q3 On Steam

New Space Tycoon Solar Baron Puts The Fate Of The World’s Energy In Your Careful Hands, Planned For Release Q3 On Steam
Credit: Solar Baron via Youtube

Explore a procedurally generated life-sized solar system that is destined to be exploited for fun and profit. In Solar Baron, players find that the world is losing all natural resources and with it losing profits. In response, the government has privatized a space agency hoping that corporations will find a way to make money on the world and bring it back home.

Head one of these companies and explore the solar system delivering what you can extract from other worlds and sending back to your home planet. This is a game of profit, so your goal is to maximize efficiency, cut costs, and make as much money as possible using a wide variety of fuel types, engines, and more.

As the head of an interplanetary corporation, you must find a way to extract resources from other worlds and bring them home. Construct trade depots and colonies, build spaceports and rockets, and master orbital mechanics all in an effort of maximizing profits.

Explore a seamless randomly-generated solar system with a wide range of resources waiting to be mined, pumped, and gathered from other worlds. This is a real-time tycoon resource management and logistics game that will test your ability to multitask and succeed at interstellar corporate endeavors.

Solve the logistical challenges associated with transporting valuable resources across space by constructing strategically placed depots in orbit and on the surface. Everything is by your design in this game, so be careful to plan your actions down to the second.

Spacecrafts and spaceports are all based on your designs. As you research new technologies, you will have to design spacecraft capable of carrying out each mission. Using a wide variety of engines, fuel, and other party players will have to find the balance between mass, cost, production time, and maintenance.

Spaceports act as modules for fuel, research, tourists, and more. Each one has its own unique purpose based on the modules you put together.

This game simulates realistic orbital mechanics requiring players to plan around the orbit of interstellar bodies. Although you do not have to figure out the gritty details, you will need to understand the impact of each action and the time it takes to complete each task/

Create a strategy, set some goals, plan the mission, and be sure to watch the bottom line. At the end of the day, all of this is only worth what it makes your company.

Solar Baron is planned for release on Steam in the third quarter of 2020. The game is being developed and published by Preon Studio, which has more information about this title on their main website.