Say Your Prayers As One Shell Straight To Hell Is Announced For PC Bringing Some Unique Twin-Stick Shooting Action To Steam

Say Your Prayers As One Shell Straight To Hell Is Announced For PC Bringing Some Unique Twin-Stick Shooting Action To Steam
Credit: Feardemic via Youtube

Play as Padre Alexander, who must take on hordes of demons and possessed people in a unique, isometric dungeon-crawling adventure. One Shell Straight To Hell is an indie twin-stick shooter with rogue-lite qualities that mixes in some base defense mechanics with a unique style and gritty attitude.

Explore a creation by Shotgun with Gitters as One Shell Straight To Hell takes a new spin on demon hunting and exorcisms. Enter the world of the papal order as you hunt down demons and save the world from one evil at a time.

Explore a world of ever-changing dungeons filled with demonic enemies that will put your skills to the test. Using an over the top weapon collection you will blast, bruise, batter and burn satanic hordes sending them back to oblivion.

In a world designed for entertainment where monsters are crazy, bosses are brutal, and traps are lethal players must be on their toes at all times. Endless waves of demons will continue to assault your fortifications, challenging your ability, and will to stay alive.

Shout orders to your allies and prepare traps to try and curb the number of enemies that make it past the wall. As you destroy countless enemies, you only go to earn your reputation as one of the only internationally licensed demon-hunting priests.

From something as simple as a possessed drawer to long-dead pirate captains, players will have to battle all sorts of monsters and demons. Regular weapons can only go so far, so be sure to wield holy weapons that draw upon your faith, or unholy weapons to sate your craving for demonic blood.

As you progress through the game, you will upgrade a skill tree, making you stronger and crafting your unique demon-hunting strategy. Upgrade your base and prepare traps for your enemies as you unlock varying recipes and designs.

This game comes packed with randomly generated dungeon maps, global enchantment, and some extra crazy and absurd things. Expand your arsenal and prepare to take on never-ending hordes of enemies seeking your damnation.

More information about this unique title can be found on Shotgun with Glitters’ main website. This game presented a unique design mixed with graphics that are simplistic yet detailed. Embrace the life of the church and defeat all the devils that come to your doorstep.

One Shell Straight To Hell is expecting a release on Steam sometime in the near future. Although no official release date has been given, fans are still excited to gear up and take on the demon hordes.