Narco Tycoon Is Coming To PC And Nintendo Switch In 2022, Build A Drug Empire

Narco Tycoon Is Coming To PC And Nintendo Switch In 2022, Build A Drug Empire
Credit: Steam XO

A brand new criminal enterprise is waiting to be built as Narco Tycoon is announced for PC and Nintendo Switch. Create a strong economy of production and distribution of varying goods. Fight for dominance in a live market, research and develop systems, and become the ultimate drug lord in this unique title.

This game involves running a drug business. This is everything from production to distribution. Manage your gang, and take over the drug business of a city as to win all the profit and become the dominant dealer. This is a 2D tycoon experience that fans are sure to not forget any time soon.

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In Narco Tycoon players will build a drug empire from the ground up. Manage and develop factories, employ only the best people, and upgrade your technology. As laws change you will have to be involved in politics, crime, and more and learn every aspect it takes to be a drug lord in this digital town.

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Players will start at the bottom building a simple farm and selling weed and varying low-level drugs. As you build your business, you will become independent and must decide whether to destroy orally with other syndicates.

Once your farm is operational you will move to build the business. Then, build the drug factory, and start processing goods at a higher rate. Hire your dealers, distribute your drugs, and earn a living in this unique tycoon experience.

As you build your empire you will get to decide the new technology used. Increase the quality of your product, gain access to better facilities and drugs, and take over the city.

Each of your employees will level up their skills. A specialist can come in and supplement the team making life easier for anyone running such large businesses.

Make sure to manage politics and control the police. Government officials would love nothing more than to infringe upon your territory, and only be being proactive can you hope to curb their excitement.

This game does contain adult themes and, well, drugs. Be warned before purchasing that this game is about crime but does not support the act of crime.

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Narco Tycoon is a simulated drug tycoon experience set to release in 2022. The game comes from developer Type The Name Studio and publisher Ultimate Games. Prepare to enter a 2D world of drug-filled domination as you build the biggest and best enterprise of crime this city has seen.