Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord Huge 1.5.6 Update Adds Rebellions, New Villages And Perks

Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord Huge 1.5.6 Update Adds Rebellions, New Villages And Perks
Credit: TaleWorlds Entertainment via YouTube

Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord’s new update, 1.5.6, adds a bunch of new features in TaleWorld’s continued development of the game. The standout feature is probably Rebellions, but there’s more.

There are new villages dotted around the map – to fill out some of the map – and new perks added to the stewardship, roguery, and medicine trees. The list of bug fixes and changes is extensive, as well.

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First up, Rebellions. This adds another layer of challenge, especially if you’re going for total world domination. Loyalty and security will have a huge impact on your settlements going forward.

If you don’t share a culture with your new villagers, don’t stack the garrisons to ensure law and order, or don’t have a decent level of governor skills, the settlement may rise up in rebellion.

Other things that can impact a settlement’s happiness include starvation, nearby raided villages, and overall kingdom policies.

When the population of the settlement reaches a tipping point, and feel like they can take on the garrison currently stationed inside, a rebellion will rise up. If you can’t wrest control, a new clan will form, with a head family member.

This comes with the changes to late-game balance. TaleWorlds have put work into making sure Kingdoms stick around longer on the map, and make more comebacks even if they lose several villages or castles.

In terms of other additional content, there are 14 new villages and 26 new battle terrains. This will add a bit of diversity both to the overworld and the battles.

The list of extensive changes in the full patch notes clearly show why fans of TaleWorlds keep coming back, and why these Mount and Blade games carry such a consistent audience over the years.

For example, the changes vary from huge crash fixes to making adjustments to certain scenes to remove trees clipping through scenes.

Some other highlights include the implementation of Photo Mode into singleplayer and improvement of ranged accuracy while on a horse.

Perks have also seen an overhaul for roguery, with 9 new combat-related perks, 1 new combat-related perk for the Stewardship option, and new combat perks for medicine. This should give you more options to tech into combat.

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The prisoner recruitment system has also been reworked – including 9 new perks – and a new “conformity” system that is based on the troop’s level. Higher-level troops will be harder to recruit. Recruiting bandits will now carry a cultural penalty.