The Secret Behind State Of Play’s Upcoming Rise Of The Ronin

The Secret Behind State Of Play’s Upcoming Rise Of The Ronin
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As expected, Team Ninja has returned. The creators of Dead or Alive, Nioh, and Ninja Gaiden are hard at work on another narrative-driven action title, this time set in 17th-century Japan, following the tepid reception to Stranger in Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

The events of the Rising of the Ronin occurred in 1863, towards the conclusion of the Edo period in Japan. A time of social upheaval, as increased trade with other countries led the Japanese people to rethink long-held customs. It also introduced new technologies to the island, most notably firearms.

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The protagonist in Rising of the Ronin, who has no master, appears to have access to a variety of firearms and uses them effectively. The ronin first uses the bayonet on his rifle to stab an opponent, and then he uses a pistol to kill an opponent. However, the ronin can be shown elsewhere tossing his katana like a spear and then slashing with it in a fiery display, suggesting that projectile weapons are unnecessary.

This action game is highly appealing because of the unique backpack that can be transformed into a kite. According to the clip, your goal in Rising of the Ronin is to help usher in a new era for Japan as you journey across a dynamic and changing environment.

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In this action-packed RPG, you play the role of a Ronin, a warrior who is free from all masters and connections and whose fate is entangled with that of the other characters in the game. Due to the fact that Rise of the Ronin is not expected to be released until 2024, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more of it for quite some time. It will only be available on the PlayStation 5, but maybe the market share of newer-generation systems will have increased by then.

Another game from feudal Japan was featured on today’s episode of State of Play. The Yakuza spinoff, “Like a Dragon,” will make its debut in North America for the first first time in February 2023, thanks to Ishin.