Konami Announces Upcoming PES Euro 2020 DLC Release Date

Konami Announces Upcoming PES Euro 2020 DLC Release Date
Credit: Askifa

Konami has announced the release date for the upcoming DLC to their popular Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, Euro 2020. The Euro 2020 DLC is set for release at the end of next month on April 30th.

Of course, there’s one slight hiccup – the actual Euro 2020 tournament is likely going to be postponed due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

It may seem like this wouldn’t affect gameplay in any way, but there are a few ways that the two are linked. On the most obvious level, the growing of the real event is one of the most prominent sources of hype that would drive fans to download the DLC. If you’re a sports fan, you’ve likely had that feeling of watching a game of your favorite sport and then having the huge urge to play the sports game that coincides with it. If the event is postponed, that feeling won’t be around to drive interest.

This was also one of the exclusive bits of content that Komani was able to feature on PES 2020, so losing it could be a massive blow. The Euro 2020 DLC was meant to add all 55 nations playing in the Uefa national teams, as well as Wembley Stadium, which was meant to be the setting of the final match.

There are several issues with postponing or simply moving on. If the tournament is postponed, it likely will set the tournament at a time where PES 2020 is less relevant, having given way to PES 2021. It’s unlikely that Konami would put the tournament DLC in the next game and have a dated tournament featured, though it’s far from impossible.

If they do go ahead, however, they’ll find themselves unable to link the in-game tournament with the real-world equivalent. These sorts of games often will release new versions of players based on how they’re competing in the tournament, as well as adding in new kits and customizable match balls as they’re used in the tournament.

PES 2020 is far from the only game affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, though. If you’ve been following the gaming communities in the news, you’ve likely seen the dozens of events and tournaments that have been canceled or postponed.

PES‘s greatest rival, FIFA, has been dealing with similar issues to PES as well. With so many different European football leagues being suspended at the moment due to the pandemic, the FIFA development team hasn’t been able to add in team-of-the-week versions of characters or anything similar given that nobody is actually playing.

Hopefully, the world starts spinning again soon, but until then, be safe.