Carrion, A Preview Of Grounded, And Mount And Blade Come To July’s Game Pass For Xbox And PC

Carrion, A Preview Of Grounded, And Mount And Blade Come To July’s Game Pass For Xbox And PC
Credit: Obsidian via YouTube

It’s that time of the month again when new titles are added to the Xbox Game Pass and the month of July is shaping up to be a good one. Top titles include Devolver Digital’s monster-mash Carrion, the game preview for Obsidian’s ant-sized Grounded and the original Mount and Blade Warband.

There’s a mix of games for both PC and Xbox game pass. Some are available on both, whereas some are only available on one of the platforms. Check out the full list below.

First up, Forager. Back in 2019, Forager released on PC and console to pretty rave reviews. It’s a 2D exploration game with addictive gameplay and a quirky art style.

It hardly flew under the radar, but you’d be forgiven for forgetting about this little indie gem. With around 15 hours gameplay time (although realistically there is more to the game than that) it’s perfect for the game pass. It’ll be available from July 16th on console and PC.

Next up, a game that hardly needs an introduction: Mount and Blade: Warband. The now pretty old-school open-world RPG still holds up to modern scrutiny, even if its successor (Bannerlord) is now available on Steam. It arrives on game pass on July 16th for console and PC.

Devolver Digital’s Carrion is fast-paced and kind of gross. It’s not often you get to play as an evil slime monster with an insatiable diet, but Carrion offers exactly that. Arrives on Xbox and PC game pass July 23rd.

Golf With Your Friends is exactly that. A game that involves playing mini-golf with your friends. It’s a straightforward concept that dates back decades but brought into the modern gen by Blacklight Interactive. It’ll be available on PC game pass from July 23rd.

Last from my featured games is Grounded, Obsidian’s survival game set in someone’s back yard. This game preview is the same one reviewers got to check out a couple of weeks ago and is definitely worth a try if you feel like playing the plot of the 80s Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

Other games arriving this July include Nowhere Prophet, The Touryst, Yakuza Kiwami 2 as well as the games already available, Neon Abyss, Endless Space and Halo 3.