Minecraft Just Received An In-Game Character Editor That Gives Players Access To Many Custom Options

Minecraft Just Received An In-Game Character Editor That Gives Players Access To Many Custom Options
Credit: xisumatwo via YouTube

When it comes to building games, you would be hard-pressed to find something more popular than Minecraft. It has been a staple in this space where players get to use their imagination and building skills to create truly wonderful structures. The game by Markus Persson has been out since 2011, and yet, the game hasn’t had a character builder.

That’s about to change according to an upcoming update. It is indeed adding a character creator, so now, players don’t have to just change their character’s skin. They will now have access to so many more custom options, including body types, clothing accessories, and hair style. The better late than never saying certainly rings true here.

The beta is currently available for beta testers on Xbox One, Android, and Windows PC. Other platforms will be getting the in-game character editor at a later date. There are many things you’ll be able to do with this new feature, according to patch notes from the developers.

Let’s start off with the more prominent custom options, including body type and size. You can fully customize your character’s dimensions to your liking, whether you want them skinny and tall or short and muscular. You’ll be able to adjust their mouth, eyes, and facial hair as well. Thus, you can design your character exactly how you see fit.

That’s not all. More than 100 items will be included for free. For example, you could purchase a stylish backpack or perhaps some sunglasses. There are even ample clothing accessories. The in-game character editor should give Minecraft players even more reason to enjoy challenges, events, and some building action.

Imagine coming across your friend online and seeing them decked out with some distinct swag. It will make the game that much better because you’ll want to see how everyone is dressed up. Halloween is just around the corner, and you can bet there will be some Halloween-themed items that the developers have graciously included.

If you haven’t played Minecraft in a while, this latest update could be exactly what you need to get you to come back. You can customize your character using standard items or give them a truly distinct aesthetic. The possibilities are endless. It will be fun to see what the community does with all of the custom options. Will players dress up as their favorite action hero or will they become a business professional? Anything is possible.