WB Games Montreal Might Have Teased A Sequel To Arkham Origins, Fans Watch Twitter In Anticipation For A Formal Announcement

WB Games Montreal Might Have Teased A Sequel To Arkham Origins, Fans Watch Twitter In Anticipation For A Formal Announcement
Credit: Rocksteady Studios

On September 22 WB Games Montreal tweeted out for the first time in over four years what appears to be a cryptic teaser for a new project. The tweet was in celebration of the 80th anniversary of Batman’s first comic book which appeared back in 1939. The video shows the Bat-Signal projected onto a building and contains flashes of some mysterious symbols.

To make it more interesting, the Batman comic writer Scott Snyder tweeted, and then deleted, a post that mentioned the Court of Owls. In the post, he used the hashtag “#bewarethecourtofowls.” Although he deleted the post, it was not before someone had a chance to screen-cap the tweet as you can see below.

WB Games Montreal has posted numerous open positions on their jobs website. One mentions the studio is hiring for people to work on a “AAA unannounced game.” This would be a sizable recruitment push as the studio itself is massive, employing more than 300 people already.

Back in 2016, Kotaku reported that WB Game Montreal had canceled their Suicide Squad game and are focusing on a new Batman game starring Damian Wayne. This could be the next title as Damian was featured prominently in the 2012 comic “Night of Owls.”

In 2018, senior designer Osama Dorias said on the Humans of Gaming podcast that the studio was working on some projects in the DC universe. Dorias did say that one of these games was a “major console game, open world, DC universe,” but more details were never officially released.

The symbols add even more mystery to the mix as they reference several secret societies. One that is most prominently displayed is the symbol for the Court of Owls which exists in the Batman universe. Many fans are already taking this as a chance at a new game in the series and another chance to harness their inner Batman.

Rocksteady, the studio that worked on Batman: Arkham Knight, is also working on a new project but nothing has been formally announced. The internet community is already discussing the possibility of an upcoming Batman title with many speculating that the reveal could happen at the PlayStation State of Play event later this week.

Although no details are formally released, fans remain hopeful with their eyes on both studios as they wait for official answers. If you want to find more information on this, there is an active Reddit thread discussing the matter and the now active Twitter feeds found above.