Metro Exodus Was One Of The Best-Selling Games In February On Steam

Metro Exodus Was One Of The Best-Selling Games In February On Steam
Credit: Colonel Melnyk via YouTube

Every month, Valve puts out a list of its top-performing games on Steam in terms of sales. The list of the February games just came out, and one of the better-performing titles was Metro Exodus. This beloved first-person shooter by 4A Games came to Steam on February 15. Since then, it has garnered a lot of attention and done well in the sales department.

That’s not very surprising considering how great of a game Metro Exodus is. It gets a lot of things right. For starters, this game is absolutely brilliant with its environments. There is a ton of diversity that keeps your imagination wondering as to what’s coming next.

You start out in a post-apocalyptic underground with mazes and mazes of tunnels. Things look bleak and it’s as if these confined areas will be your home for the foreseeable future. Then when you get on a steam train called Aurora, you’re quickly transported to winter landscapes that seem to stretch on for miles.

You’re forced to survive and brave these winter elements throughout most of your journey. These harsh, self-contained areas really leave you feeling desperate of NPC interaction and on edge when hostile enemies approach. You couldn’t ask for a better setting, really.

The openness of these winter forest lands really gives you added freedom to explore, which hasn’t been present in a Metro game up until this point. It’s a successful recipe that 4A Games should continue if they decide to follow up with a sequel.  As you progress in the story, the lighting, temperature, and environments change. You’re thus always experiencing new things and it’s this recipe that moves you forward in a way that doesn’t seem taxing.

In terms of the combat, it’s more of the same in Metro Exodus. The first-person melee combat is pretty brutal, but you’ll spend a majority of your time scavenging around for ammunition and gas mask filters. The looting design will keep you on alert and more willing to explore the various self-contained areas.

If you like an emphasis on shooting everything that comes in your path without much thought, then you’ll love Metro Exodus. There have been critics of this design — saying they want more weight on the decisions their character makes — but Metro Exodus knows what it wants to be.

If you have yet to play this popular FPS, now’s a great time. It has only gotten better thanks to consistent updates from the developer.